About me

My profession and passion is making films in any form. I graduated directing at the Gdynia Film School, the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk on the faculty of painting. I participated in the Studio Rehearsal at the Wajda School. For a year I have been working for Fox International Channels Poland and my films participated in festivals such as the International Film Festival in Gdynia or Camerimage.

In my realizations I combine my passion for experimentation form, color and composition so that the film apart from telling the story is interesting and  visually original.


2014 – Wajda Film School, department of film
2010-2013 – Gdynia Film School, Film and Television Direction Department
2008-2013 Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, faculty of painting, Master of Arts degree title
2004-2008 Secondary School of fine arts, photography technician title

Chosen exhibitions and multimedia festivals

2016 – Music Prize Doki 2016, winner best music clip “Dayz of void” Ebola Ape, Gdańsk
2016 – Pomeranian Art Triennial, collage, nomination in multimedia category, graphics, Sopot National Gallery
2015 – Yach Film Festival, nomination in innovation category for the music clip for “Dayz of void” Ebola Ape, Gdańsk
2015 – Instants Vidéo Numériques et Poétiques – 28th festiwal of short poetry films, film show “Czułość” (“affectionatess”), Marsylia
2015 – ” Oko nigdy nie śpi”,(„ Eye never sleeps „) Bydgoszcz
2013 – “Miasto Gwiazd” (City of Stars) , interdisciplinary competition for the best diploma project ASP 2013 , painting, Żyrardów
2013 – “Collage jako metafora życia” („ Collage as a metaphor of life) diploma of ASP – collage, video , video, Cologne of Artists, Gdańsk
2013 – “Street Art Festival”, collage, Bay of Art, Sopot
2013 – “Pomorze Sztuki”, collage, Szczecin, Gdańsk
2013 – “Hortus Conclusus”, collage, Pionova gallery , Gdańsk
2012 – “Opowieści Niesamowite” ( „Amazing Stories”), instalacja, las Oliwski, Gdańsk
2012 – “Artyści z E66” („Artists from E66), painting, Pionova gallery, Gdańsk
2012 – “Freaky Dreamin”, collage, Sfinks, Sopot
2012 – “Bliskoznaczenie”, painting , Wrocław
2011 – “Autoportrety” („self-portrait”) , painting, Studio Loko, Sopot
2010 – painting, 69 gallery , painting, Sopot
2008 – painting, gallery “Po Schodach”, Gdynia
2008 – “Indeks Hestii”, exhibition awarded in a competition, painting, Debiut gallery, Gdynia

Marta Grabicka was born on 8 February 1987 in Gdynia. A visual artist dealing with digital collage and short forms of films. She graduated painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk and directing at the Gdynia Film School. She also participated in the Rehearsal Studio at the Wajda Master School.Collages of Marta Grabicka are thoroughly modern, in which presented materialistic and consumptive civilization is reflected as in a mirror, or – referring to the form of work -in a broken mirror. On the basis of the pictures, trends, absurdities and emotions developed by globalization, the artist raises questions about life and human functioning in the modern world. Symbols used by her are deeply rooted in the west, international community, hence their universal value and pertinent comment to the reality are observed. Marta Grabicka uses irony as a main strategy to fight against modernity. The artist ridicules consumerist reality of socially established norms because of either her fear or the contempt. Marta Grabicka defended a diploma in the multimedia studio with Adam Witkowski Phd, annex in painting with Professor Henry Cześnik. She is a double scholar of the Marshal of Pomerania for creators of culture (2011, 2013).

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